With the establishment of anything, there are going to be rules and expectations. 

These rules and expectations are as follows and will help you stay the path and decide whether Twisted Visionz is something you truly want to be a part of.


1.      Each member of the club must be dedicated to building and supporting the club itself as well as the members. We are a family. And family supports family.

2.      Each member is required to wear a badge on his/or her ride with the club logo via windshield banners.

3.      NEVER disrespect nor negatively comment on any other club or individuals vehicle. Act in a mature and responsible manner.  This club will not tolerate any unnecessary activities. Be professional!

4.      NEVER become complacent with how your ride is.  Complacency is the downfall to many things in life. Always look for ways to improve upon it. The car industry is and will continue to be an expensive one, if you are not prepared to make that investment.  Your Vision will never become what it could’ve been.

5.      Make all necessary attempts to attend club events and shows.  It is important to show outsider’s and potential club members that we mean business at all times.  This goes for Cruises, casual meets, or just happening to bump into each other.  If any members are at the same place together, try and park together. 

6.      Get to know all your club members.  The foundation can only be solid if we are comfortable with each other. Twisted Visionz is a place where great friendships can and will be made, so have fun!

7.      Support your fellow members.

8.      Again! Support the Club and its’ Cause!

9.      Twisted Visionz does not believe in Tunnel Vision Cars. what is meant by that is, we do not believe in having just a fast car, or just a audio car.  We look at everything.  We believe in “Every Aspect Cars”. cars that are fast enough to hold down a race and pull in and show good at a big show as well.

10.     Last, but, defiantly not the least.  By all means have fun. Never forget to have fun. Laughing is the biggest stress reliever know to man. So use it, ha ha!

Twisted Visionz Car Club was not created on a Half-Ass attitude. With that being said, neither will your car if you are a part of this movement.  Half-ass attitudes are prohibited in Twisted Visionz.




All new member prospects are required to go through a simple probation period.  The length of this probation period varies.  It can be anywhere from 3 to 12 months.  The length of the probation period before a membership decision is made, solely depends on the prospect ATTITUDE, PARTICIPATION, CHARACTER, and VEHICLE PROGRESS, and OVERALL DRIVE

This probation period can be thought of as a window for the prospect to get to know the current members of the family and vice versa, it allows us as the current family to get a feel for the new prospect as well as give the prospect a chance to see if being a Part of Twisted Visionz is ideally something he/she still may want to do.  During the probation period all prospects are welcome to participate in any events we have as a club and are encouraged to bring loved ones or friends/family whom may be interested as well.

Prospects membership or non-membership is decided on the opinions/votes of current members.

ALL MEMBERS of Twisted Visionz are required to wear the club banners on their rides if they make it in.  Also, there are club dues of a small $20 per month to keep membership.  And all members will be required to purchase club t-shirts for shows and events and etc.


For More Information please contact us:


Or Call

845-380-1471 and ask for Justin